Tuesday, 3 March 2015


What i feel about relationship is - its commitment what carries it to its final destination not LOVE .Love is our natural behavior or as "SRI SRI" says its our existence , many times people confuse it with attraction rather maximum time , attraction always changes but love exist .Many cases i am coming across now a days suggest the end of love between the two partners, what i can conclude is its attraction which is changing from time to time not love, and how attraction changes - people always look for something new , something new in everything even in their existing partner who is an old partner now and in search of something new they disrespect their relationship most of the time and their love life becomes monotonous .With time changes come in human behavior; lets welcome that change with open mind and carry our relationship with commitment rather love , love is what we are made up of ;commitment - we need to add !!
life is beautiful , every relation is unique in its own way lets respect the uniqueness and lets live .
happy living

Friday, 15 June 2012

connection of love & peace

WE all are running after so many things that we have forgotten the one the most important person i.e. you, yourself. actually the fight is of one thing i.e.to get ultimate happiness ....peace of mind .....  and either we search happiness in our past or look for it in future but we forgets the present which is actual the present. whatever we are looking for is inside us but the problem is we are searching it outside .. yyyy coz we are connecting happiness with person, things or position.. if i will get this i will be happy .. if i willl become that i will be happy,, the problem is if if if coz when will have what u want u will be wanting something else after that coz want has no fulll stopss.. so bring contentment peace will follow and one of the ways is love and when u love dont expect no conditions no blame game... loving doesnt mean it is related to your spouse it means everything you come across like nature, people, place, situation,challenge,hatred... yes love hatred so that it can also be converted into love... love everything every particule every sunrise every sunset every night every morning coz it will bring a feeling of acceptance that will bring contentment and u will have peace of mind ..my moto is to connect love n peace so that we can be prosperous ... this was jus an overview on peace , i wll be sharing more in near future .. thnak you
happy living love all

love never hurts- love is a feeling cnt be defined .. No words no defininations can describe love but can be experienced.. Its increases the limit of a man and discovers the hidden talents n potential but still lot of people say it hurts - well i wanna share just my views if u say it hurts i say there is no love coz love gives joy to a soul brings enthusiasm and create wonders and the one who show its negative aspects let me tell its impossible coz its a positive feeling .. People still says he/ she ditched me or hurted me : let me tell u love is unconditional, its not a business .. Its just a thought i will be sharing more in comimg time and may be my thinking can bring and make some positive difference in anyone's life that would be great reward to me .. Happy living:) shiv arora