Friday, 24 June 2016

Understanding emotions - ("The shift" happens in your life when you understand your emotions..)

The greatest knowledge which can make you free from all anxieties and worries is you are not this 'body' nor this 'mind' , a spiritual awareness . We on this body and mind are like emotional creatures coz we are controlled by our emotions from the time of our birth to death bed. The source of every being is 'one' that is 'love' / 'god' / 'universe' / 'nature' - when we are near to the source we feel amazingly amazing , we feel complete ( we feel good ) and whenever we are disconnected - we feel awful , it's like we are missing something,  we feel incomplete ( we feel bad ) .

Emotions are categorised or termed as many names such Joy, Love, Contentment, Hopefulness, Happiness, Passion , Optimism , Boredom, Pessimism,Frustration, Doubt, Worry, Anger, Revenge , Hatred, Insecurity, Fear but you can put all these emotions into two baskets one is 'feel good' and the other is 'feel bad' .

In this human being form it is quite obvious to have desires whether of materialistic possessions or liberating yourself in the higher spiritual form. In between these desires there are many more desires starting from being happy to being healthy , from having a successful career to have a great relationship and many many more depending on our environment . And every fulfilled desire make you feel good and complete ( near to the source ) , this is the way  " Universe " is communicating 'ask and you shall receive'  .
The Universe is always giving but now comes the question that - are you always receiving ?
If not 'why'
and to take you to the solution-  your own 'emotions' plays a very important role as emotions are the indicators whether you are near or away from the source and you understand this from whether you are feeling good or bad.
When you develop this understanding within yourself , you are now fully aware about your current emotion and then you can 'shift' your emotions with the ' change in your thoughts '  , I completely agree that it's not possible that you can start feeling good when you are going through any negative emotions such as anger , hatred or etc etc but with awareness and knowledge and with your little effort of changing your thoughts , you can observe the change within and after sometime it will be effortless effort just your awareness 'will do' .
Negative emotions are the biggest resistance to any of our desire and overcoming such emotions makes our life absolutely amazing with the fulfillment of every desire . I understood desire more clearly in one of the amazing book of Esther and Jerry Hicks - "Ask and it's given " where it's being mentioned that there are two desires one is 'pure' and the other is 'resisted' , when our desire mixed with negative emotions such as fear , doubt , impatience, unworthiness it becomes resisted desire. And from this what I understood is that why most of the intellectual leaders or spiritual masters have taught us to drop our desire as because when our desire takes little bit of time to get fulfilled we get tend towards negative emotions and our desire itself becomes the resisted ones .
So from this read we can conclude that our emotions are the indicators and we must focus to "feel good" , feeling good is the answer .


Monday, 20 June 2016

The unlimited potential of your subconscious mind..

Before coming onto subconscious mind and it's power, let's read and understand this beautiful story -
Once, In Heaven There Was A Discussion Among The Gods To Decide Where The Miraculous Secret Power, The Power By Which Man Can Achieve Anything In This World Was To Be Kept Hidden.
One Of The Gods Suggested That It Could Be Kept Hidden In The Depths Of The Sea. Another Said It Could Be Buried On Top Of High Mountains. The Third One Thought Of A Cave In The Woods As The Right Place.
At Last, The Most Intelligent Among Them Said, 'Keep It In The Depths Of Man's Mind. He Will Never Suspect That The Power Is Hidden There Because Right From His Childhood, His Mind Is Prone To Wandering And He Will Not Look Within.Only The Intelligent Among Them Will Look Within, And Use The Power And Become Great.' All Gods Agreed. So, Do You See That The Difference Between Two People Lies In Their Minds? One Knows How To Tap Its Power And The Other Does Not. So, The Truth Expressed Here Is That In The Depths Of Man's Mind Lies Hidden The Miraculous Power, Using Which One Can Become Great.

Mind is mainly categorised in two parts one is conscious and the other is subconscious . As you are reading this article , your conscious part is active but at the same time there are things running in your mind that is your 'subconscious' part . Subconscious mind- never takes rest and works continuously , helps you to digest your food and all your inner mechanism is handled by it. It becomes super active when you sleep as coz that time your conscious part gets off . That's the reason it is being said that morning time when you wake up and night time when you are falling asleep your subconscious mind is active so feed good and positive thoughts on to your mind.

You will be amazed to know this that it is your subconscious mind which plays a very important role in making of your "destiny". Whether it's your personal or professional life , your health or relationship -  subconscious has lots to do with it.

Now, understand this subconscious mind is tool of manifestation and it cannot discriminate between good or bad , positive or negative - it takes all inside .
Since your birth subconscious mind programming has started and it's still on.

Let me explain to you with an example - more than 90% of the population struggles for a wealthy lifestyle and the reason being for that is their upbringing environment and teachings ( subconscious mind programming) , they have been taught from very beginning that life is a struggle , earning money is too tough , go for regular studies that can fetch you a safe job to run your living and the result is in front of us.
"The people " who breaks this belief are the exceptionals of the society .

How are your subconscious gets programmed apart from your upbringing and environment - as we have discussed earlier subconscious takes all inside without discrimination that means it gets programmed with one's thought . So watch out the words you are speaking , hearing and what you are watching-  ultimately these things are making your 'thoughts' and we know that it is the thoughts which shape our destiny.

With the understanding of the power of subconscious part we can all shape our destiny and manifest for ourselves the best future and this power is given equally to all since our birth and can help to build the best relationship , to have great physical health and to be prosperous in each and every field of life.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Happyness with Nature

Fundas of happiness is different for everyone ; today I observe my life very closely , there was a time when I stepped into corporate life without knowing what I wanted from life and my wants kept changing from position to money and from money to power and from power to fame and every time when I realised that it's not a ultimate destination ; I grew as  a better human being.
And it's almost with all of us , a kid finds joy in the toys and chocolates , the same kid when he grew little more he wants to be with his friends ( as he becomes happy with them) ;
Wants keep on changing from time to time , one thing which I observed is ~ what makes you happy today ,it's not certain that it will also make you happy tomorrow ; but happiness is the goal , the ultimate goal ??
We keep a goal so that once we get there we will be happy-  I found way,  yes keep happiness and goal apart .

One thing which always makes one happy  whether he is a kid or adult , whether he is rich or poor that is nature .
I observed people when they go near to the nature they are more peaceful , more happy , I recalled my mother statement that we humans are made up of 5 elements ~ earth, water, air, fire, aakash ; I thought that can be the one of reason why we feel so complete when we are with mother nature as it's like coming home when you are with nature.

Few months back I was talking to one of friend very much disturbed physically and mentally , I just asked do you give time to yourself , he replied in a frustrated tone ~ dude I don't have time to die .
What to reply I asked so what can I do for you , he just said give me some ideas to be happy , and I was clueless what to say and I casually said spend some time with mother nature , like for coming 7 days take up a challenge to watch the "Sunrise " , and unbelievably this little exercise made wonders in his life , I myself saying it unbelievable coz I suggested him as watching sunrise always given me happy feeling but I wasn't aware that it would change ones life to such an extent .

This small incident made me realise the power of this mother nature, not only gives you joy  but it carries enormous healing power : magical power what to say jus stay connected with the nature and think twice before you disturb nature.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Life is perfect ^

Everyone has some or other complaints from life . Everyone is waiting for the day when everything will be perfect . Everyone sees others are happy and content and if not they wonder they have everything ; their life is like dream to you but even then they are not happy and you conclude they are foolish .So ,let me tell you for some people even you are foolish bcoz what kind of life you are having it is also a dream for someone .

            What kind of perfection you are looking for in life , why so much of judgements , why so much of waiting for "the day" , is there any guarantee of tomorrow - no !!

Friends life is in little moments, when you make someone smile , when you make someone feel they are the best , when you give your helping hand to stranger with a smile (every friend was once a stranger only) when you say to your dad - I love you ,when you tell your mom - you are amazing , when you make your beloved blush , when you don't let your friend to take the last bite.

Perfection is nothing more but your attitude towards life -

There will be wishes - some fulfilled ; some to be - a perfect line goes here from a old Bollywood movie song " thoda hai thode ki jarurat hai ; zindagi phir bhi yahan khobsurat hai "

Whatever it is
However it is
Doesn't matter

Life - life is perfect

Stop thinking ; Stop waiting ~ Start living bcoz life is perfect

Monday, 14 September 2015

Biggest enemy residing inside all of us!! Let's know about it ;to get rid off it~

1.What is that one thing which makes you think again and again before taking any step??

2.What is between you and what you call success for yourself ?? (as b'coz definition of success varies from person to person)

3.What is affecting your relations??

What is causing anxiety in you ??


How can you learn anything if you wont give a start to yourself ;

I read somewhere - the worst thing than 'failure' is 'fear of failure'

Answers to above 3 questions~

1.Thinking before taking a decision is a good act , you must think as being human you got the power to think and it is one of the most powerful tool but what you are thinking is the question . But delaying a decision and predicting a negative result for yourself is FEAR.
Be calculative ,
Do your research ,
Start from small

You can't experience until you initiate!!

2.In the path of success ~what pulls you back is fear of failure, fear of what people will say,fear of not getting desired outcome.
You can get away from these fears if you focus on input , performance . Your best shot comes at the toughest of your time , challenge your limits . Best should come out from you not to prove anyone but to serve all ; but to influence all.
People can judge you , can put a tag of success or failure ; they can set anyone parameters of success as per their own perspective,  but if you haven't stopped ~ you are not failure ; if you are growing ~ you are not a failure;  if you still have a dream ~ you are not a failure.

Let's understand fear from a small story of Sri krishna~

Once on a full moon day, Krishna and Balarama were walking in the forest, it was late and they decided to rest in the forest for the night. It was a dangerous forest, so Krishna suggested "Baladeva, you keep watch until midnight while I sleep, and  I will be on watch from midnight till morning."
They both agreed and Krishna went to sleep.

A few hours passed, Krishna was sleeping sound. Balarama heard a growl at a distance, it was a terrifying sound. He walked a little further towards the sound.
Now he could see a gigantic monster approaching him. The monster growled again, Balarama was very afraid, he trembled in fear.Every time he trembled, the monster grew double in size. The monster grew bigger and bigger as it approached Balarama. Now the monster was standing very close to Balarama, it growled again. Terrified by the sound, size and terrible smell of the monster Balarama screamed "Krishna! Krishna!" and collapsed and fell unconscious.

Woken up by the call, Krishna followed the sound and found Balarama sleeping, Krishna thought, 'It must be my turn now' and started walking too and fro.
Slowly Krishna recognized the monster standing nearby.
The monster growled at Krishna. "What do you want?" Krishna asked unafraid. The size of the monster decreased, it shrunk to half its size.

"What are you doing here?"

Krishna asked again and the monster shrunk again. Krishna kept questioning it expecting a reply, the monster kept shrinking every time he asked.Now the monster was just 2 inches tall, and looked cute and adorable. Krishna took it in his hand and placed it in his waist pocket. The night passed and Balarama woke in the morning.
Balarama saw Krishna and joyously shouted "Krishna! Krishna!"."Krishna! you don't know what a terrible thing happened while you were asleep. There was huge monster trying to kill us both. I don't know how we survived, the last thing I remember is that I fainted." Balarama said trying to recall yesterday night's events.Krishna took out the little monster out of his pocket and said,
"Is this the same monster?""Yes, but it was so big!
how did it shrink?" asked Balarama."Every time I questioned it, it shrunk in size, finally it became this."Balarama told Krishna how the monster grew yesterday every time he was scared of it.

Moral~ you all are smart enough friends to take the moral

3.Relations suffer the most coz of FEAR.

Fear of losing your loved one's . In this fear of losing your loved one's whole love is lost and you conclude that your 'Fear' was correct but actually it is coz of your fear whole mess was created .

Well, I want to write more on this but shall write a different blog on this . The point is -all must have got my point.

How to overcome FEAR

Believe in your beliefs;  doubt on your doubts.

Don't try to overcome your fear,  a positive Fear is always good; positive fear I said friends, which pushes you towards your goal , which stops you from doing anything unethical.

Gratitude to all my readers! !

Friday, 11 September 2015

Are you complaining? ?

Are you complaining ??

The law of nature is very simple and it only believes in providing you with abundance , abundance of prosperity, peace and love but still people face scarcity, struggle and sufferings, the question is why ??To understand this first we need to understand we humans are vibrational beings , "whatever we hold in our mind ;that we manifest"But you can ask me every body wishes to be prosperous , successful but they don't get it what's the reason- the reason is you are wishing! !Hey god give me a good jobHey god I want good health........................... and so onLessonAll this wishes vibrates a negative energy that is a complaint about your current situation that means you are not happy with what you have , how can you have more.  So ,we must stop wishing for our dreams??The answer is  "No"There is nothing wrong in having a wish but first be grateful for what you have today , being grateful sends a very positive energy to this nature and it will bring back more of the situations to be grateful for .See nature doesnt understand you are wishing for Audii or BMW ; if you are happy with your present car , it will bring what will make you smile broader.But if you are wishing wishing and wishing and keep questioning Why god why , why me , i work so hard but still am not able to save money for my car , please make my wish come true ; nature will give you few more reasons to complain..Make a wish and be grateful !!Whatever complains you have ; observe it , you will definitely find something to be grateful for even there and that is the secret to live a life of your dreams.Life is a reflection of your attitude and behavior towards it.Gratitude

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


What i feel about relationship is - its commitment what carries it to its final destination not LOVE .Love is our natural behavior or as "SRI SRI" says its our existence , many times people confuse it with attraction rather maximum time , attraction always changes but love exist .Many cases i am coming across now a days suggest the end of love between the two partners, what i can conclude is its attraction which is changing from time to time not love, and how attraction changes - people always look for something new , something new in everything even in their existing partner who is an old partner now and in search of something new they disrespect their relationship most of the time and their love life becomes monotonous .With time changes come in human behavior; lets welcome that change with open mind and carry our relationship with commitment rather love , love is what we are made up of ;commitment - we need to add !!
life is beautiful , every relation is unique in its own way lets respect the uniqueness and lets live .
happy living