Thursday, 8 October 2015

There is no tomorrow

I was sleeping when my kids left for the school, I can remember they were trying to wake me up . My wife wanted to say something when I was leaving in a rush. I didn't go to see my mother as I knew she will force me for the breakfast. I reached my office- clients were already waiting , I started meeting them one by one and refused to meet some as i was not feeling to give more and postponed the meeting and after the long day -cursing the traffic I started driving back home where I met "DEATH"- and in that fraction of second thousands of thoughts scrolled in my mind .

The first thing came in my mind -the joyful faces of my kids complaining you never spend time with us Dad, I was feeling I missed the biggest fun of this planet. Oh god please I want to have some more time here but I am dead :(

Second thing I saw my dad shouting on my mother bcoz I didn't took my breakfast in the morning , ohh I wish I should have sat with them and eaten my last meal together but I didn't knew that I will never return.

I saw my client whom I refused to meet today was waiting outside my office.

Suddenly I picture of calendar came in my mind 11th MAY , ohh that's not my anniversary date, no birthdays,  all of a sudden I was taken back 20 years 11th MAY - the date when we met for the first time . I have always remembered but why today I forgot , god give me 5 mins I wanna stare her , her face is peace to me I wanna say " I love you " and yes make her strong to carry on life after me .

My car was scrapped near to a cafe where I used to hang out with my friends and colleagues , that I think is the best thing happened on my last moments of life . I remember a miss call on my phone from my friend last week  but couldn't call back, oh god I wanted to say " thank you " to my friend.

This is how life is -

Don't miss the chance to play with kids.

Don't forget to appreciate your parents effort.

Don't stop yourself to fall in love every day with the same girl .

Do tell your friends and colleagues that they are important.

Appreciate the beauty around.

Be grateful.

Give 100% to your work.

Live your day to it's fullest.


"There is no tomorrow"

Monday, 14 September 2015

Biggest enemy residing inside all of us!! Let's know about it ;to get rid off it~

1.What is that one thing which makes you think again and again before taking any step??

2.What is between you and what you call success for yourself ?? (as b'coz definition of success varies from person to person)

3.What is affecting your relations??

What is causing anxiety in you ??


How can you learn anything if you wont give a start to yourself ;

I read somewhere - the worst thing than 'failure' is 'fear of failure'

Answers to above 3 questions~

1.Thinking before taking a decision is a good act , you must think as being human you got the power to think and it is one of the most powerful tool but what you are thinking is the question . But delaying a decision and predicting a negative result for yourself is FEAR.
Be calculative ,
Do your research ,
Start from small

You can't experience until you initiate!!

2.In the path of success ~what pulls you back is fear of failure, fear of what people will say,fear of not getting desired outcome.
You can get away from these fears if you focus on input , performance . Your best shot comes at the toughest of your time , challenge your limits . Best should come out from you not to prove anyone but to serve all ; but to influence all.
People can judge you , can put a tag of success or failure ; they can set anyone parameters of success as per their own perspective,  but if you haven't stopped ~ you are not failure ; if you are growing ~ you are not a failure;  if you still have a dream ~ you are not a failure.

Let's understand fear from a small story of Sri krishna~

Once on a full moon day, Krishna and Balarama were walking in the forest, it was late and they decided to rest in the forest for the night. It was a dangerous forest, so Krishna suggested "Baladeva, you keep watch until midnight while I sleep, and  I will be on watch from midnight till morning."
They both agreed and Krishna went to sleep.

A few hours passed, Krishna was sleeping sound. Balarama heard a growl at a distance, it was a terrifying sound. He walked a little further towards the sound.
Now he could see a gigantic monster approaching him. The monster growled again, Balarama was very afraid, he trembled in fear.Every time he trembled, the monster grew double in size. The monster grew bigger and bigger as it approached Balarama. Now the monster was standing very close to Balarama, it growled again. Terrified by the sound, size and terrible smell of the monster Balarama screamed "Krishna! Krishna!" and collapsed and fell unconscious.

Woken up by the call, Krishna followed the sound and found Balarama sleeping, Krishna thought, 'It must be my turn now' and started walking too and fro.
Slowly Krishna recognized the monster standing nearby.
The monster growled at Krishna. "What do you want?" Krishna asked unafraid. The size of the monster decreased, it shrunk to half its size.

"What are you doing here?"

Krishna asked again and the monster shrunk again. Krishna kept questioning it expecting a reply, the monster kept shrinking every time he asked.Now the monster was just 2 inches tall, and looked cute and adorable. Krishna took it in his hand and placed it in his waist pocket. The night passed and Balarama woke in the morning.
Balarama saw Krishna and joyously shouted "Krishna! Krishna!"."Krishna! you don't know what a terrible thing happened while you were asleep. There was huge monster trying to kill us both. I don't know how we survived, the last thing I remember is that I fainted." Balarama said trying to recall yesterday night's events.Krishna took out the little monster out of his pocket and said,
"Is this the same monster?""Yes, but it was so big!
how did it shrink?" asked Balarama."Every time I questioned it, it shrunk in size, finally it became this."Balarama told Krishna how the monster grew yesterday every time he was scared of it.

Moral~ you all are smart enough friends to take the moral

3.Relations suffer the most coz of FEAR.

Fear of losing your loved one's . In this fear of losing your loved one's whole love is lost and you conclude that your 'Fear' was correct but actually it is coz of your fear whole mess was created .

Well, I want to write more on this but shall write a different blog on this . The point is -all must have got my point.

How to overcome FEAR

Believe in your beliefs;  doubt on your doubts.

Don't try to overcome your fear,  a positive Fear is always good; positive fear I said friends, which pushes you towards your goal , which stops you from doing anything unethical.

Gratitude to all my readers! !

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


What i feel about relationship is - its commitment what carries it to its final destination not LOVE .Love is our natural behavior or as "SRI SRI" says its our existence , many times people confuse it with attraction rather maximum time , attraction always changes but love exist .Many cases i am coming across now a days suggest the end of love between the two partners, what i can conclude is its attraction which is changing from time to time not love, and how attraction changes - people always look for something new , something new in everything even in their existing partner who is an old partner now and in search of something new they disrespect their relationship most of the time and their love life becomes monotonous .With time changes come in human behavior; lets welcome that change with open mind and carry our relationship with commitment rather love , love is what we are made up of ;commitment - we need to add !!
life is beautiful , every relation is unique in its own way lets respect the uniqueness and lets live .
happy living

Friday, 15 June 2012

connection of love & peace

WE all are running after so many things that we have forgotten the one the most important person i.e. you, yourself. actually the fight is of one thing get ultimate happiness ....peace of mind .....  and either we search happiness in our past or look for it in future but we forgets the present which is actual the present. whatever we are looking for is inside us but the problem is we are searching it outside .. yyyy coz we are connecting happiness with person, things or position.. if i will get this i will be happy .. if i willl become that i will be happy,, the problem is if if if coz when will have what u want u will be wanting something else after that coz want has no fulll stopss.. so bring contentment peace will follow and one of the ways is love and when u love dont expect no conditions no blame game... loving doesnt mean it is related to your spouse it means everything you come across like nature, people, place, situation,challenge,hatred... yes love hatred so that it can also be converted into love... love everything every particule every sunrise every sunset every night every morning coz it will bring a feeling of acceptance that will bring contentment and u will have peace of mind moto is to connect love n peace so that we can be prosperous ... this was jus an overview on peace , i wll be sharing more in near future .. thnak you
happy living love all

love never hurts- love is a feeling cnt be defined .. No words no defininations can describe love but can be experienced.. Its increases the limit of a man and discovers the hidden talents n potential but still lot of people say it hurts - well i wanna share just my views if u say it hurts i say there is no love coz love gives joy to a soul brings enthusiasm and create wonders and the one who show its negative aspects let me tell its impossible coz its a positive feeling .. People still says he/ she ditched me or hurted me : let me tell u love is unconditional, its not a business .. Its just a thought i will be sharing more in comimg time and may be my thinking can bring and make some positive difference in anyone's life that would be great reward to me .. Happy living:) shiv arora